Winter Fitness


Atlas Team Member John Tribbia shares how to accept winter weather in your running routine, and why snowshoeing is great off-season cross-training. Uncertain footing in snow and ice can discourage the dedicated endurance athlete, even a member of the Atlas Race Team like myself, from running during the winter. When it gets ugly underfoot, it’s all

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Athlete Anticipation


Atlas Team Member Sarah McMahan talks about the excitement for the coming season after an ankle injury and disappointing snow last year. The word on the street in Lake Tahoe is this year we are expecting and El Nino winter. Since I believe in the power of positive thought, I’m planning for lots of snow

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Light-Ride Suspension

Light-Ride Suspension (LRS) is the perfect blend of comfort and function, allowing your foot to articulate naturally and cushioning impact for smooth striding on mellower terrain. Featured throughout the entirety of the Trail Series and the on Atlas Fitness snowshoe, LRS showcases Atlas’ proven ergonomic articulation – for optimal  performance on variable terrain – while allowing the V-Frame

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Trail Runs in Your Region


OREGON — McKenzie River Trail, Sisters Old growth forest, crystal clear river pools, and waterfalls make this 26-mile trail a beautiful example of the Pacific Northwest. WASHINGTON — Moran State Park, Orcas Island Take in the sweeping views of the surrounding San Juan Islands on this 6.7-mile run, with an elevation gain of 1500 ft. MONTANA — River Trail, Missoula While

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Lend a Hand to Nature


Head out on the trail with friends and family on June 6th for National Trails Day! Whether it’s picking up litter along the trail, or pruning overgrowth for easier passage, taking care of our trail system is a great way to spend a day. Check out American Hiking Society’s events page to join a trail

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Running: Snow or Shine


Atlas Team Member Sage Canaday talks about the importance of Consistency in Cross-Training across seasons. Most of the year (when I’m not on trails in my Atlas snowshoes) I’m a MUT Runner. “MUT” stands for Mountain-Ultra-Trail and it encompasses all the types of distance runs and races that I do. The spectrum of MUT Running

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Mt. Washington, New Hampshire


A trip report from Atlas Team Member Jesse Cole. December 21st is the official first day of winter credit for the 46 of the Adirondacks.  Since my friend Luc and I still had one week before we could start bagging winter summits again, we decided to tackle the highest peak in the east.  Mt Washington  a.k.a 

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