Trail Runs in Your Region


OREGON — McKenzie River Trail, Sisters Old growth forest, crystal clear river pools, and waterfalls make this 26-mile trail a beautiful example of the Pacific Northwest. WASHINGTON — Moran State Park, Orcas Island Take in the sweeping views of the surrounding San Juan Islands on this 6.7-mile run, with an elevation gain of 1500 ft. MONTANA — River Trail, Missoula While

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Lend a Hand to Nature


Head out on the trail with friends and family on June 6th for National Trails Day! Whether it’s picking up litter along the trail, or pruning overgrowth for easier passage, taking care of our trail system is a great way to spend a day. Check out American Hiking Society’s events page to join a trail

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Running: Snow or Shine


Atlas Team Member Sage Canaday talks about the importance of Consistency in Cross-Training across seasons. Most of the year (when I’m not on trails in my Atlas snowshoes) I’m a MUT Runner. “MUT” stands for Mountain-Ultra-Trail and it encompasses all the types of distance runs and races that I do. The spectrum of MUT Running

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Mt. Washington, New Hampshire


A trip report from Atlas Team Member Jesse Cole. December 21st is the official first day of winter credit for the 46 of the Adirondacks.  Since my friend Luc and I still had one week before we could start bagging winter summits again, we decided to tackle the highest peak in the east.  Mt Washington  a.k.a 

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Part Two: A Day in the Life – Trail

Check out the final segment of our video series- “A Day in the Life: Trail”. This second video is evidence that winter fitness can be as enjoyable as it is challenging. Surrounding the lakes at Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, WA, two couples take to the trail. With smooth striding Light-Ride suspension and Speed Series

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Part One: A Day in the Life – Backcountry

Check out the first segment of our video series- “A Day in the Life: Backcountry”. This first video follows three outdoor adventurers as they embark on a challenging weekend of snowshoeing in the Pacific Northwest. After a hardy breakfast, they set out into the backcountry, tackling a demanding day filled with deep powder and steep

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Snowshoe Fantasy Gear

Snowshoe Tracks

While the sport of snowshoeing continues to gain momentum, it has yet to gain any substantial support from apparel and outdoor accessory manufacturers. Unlike bikers, runners, skiers, hikers, and even the likes of bowlers and golfers, we snowshoers have been left out in the cold to fend for ourselves by wearing clothes and equipment that

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Hybrid Construction

Elliptically formed nose allows flex in the frame.

The Iphone 6, Surface Pro 3, Lithium-ion Battery, Xbox One and Bluetooth interface are all amazing 21st century breakthroughs. In an era of technological advancement, the outdoor industry is keeping pace. Engineers within the snow sports industry have been hard at work looking for new innovations to enhance the users experience. Atlas Snow-Shoe Company is

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Winter Cross-Training

Winter Cross Training

What do you know about klister, gaiters, depth hoar, and wet butt syndrome? More often than not, northern athletes spend their winters doing a combination of snowshoeing and Nordic skiing and are all too familiar with the terms. As one of the most rapidly growing winter activities, snowshoeing has been driven by the development of

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